About me

Hi, my name is Christian. I’m the guy behind the MoneyMoves blog.

Since I’ll be sharing a lot of content about investing, let’s just frontload the most important disclaimer: I’m by no means a financial advisor. In fact, much of what I’ll be writing about is completely new to me as well 👇


A bit of background

My main experience as an investor comes from the stock market where I’ve been actively investing and trading since 2009. I've got experience using fundamental as well as technical analysis, and tried out lots of things with varying levels of success over the years. Additionally, I’ve been heavy into the cryptocurrency market since early 2017.

Now, I’m diving deep into my newfound passion for alternative investments such as trading cards, art, real estate, startups, and much more!

What MoneyMoves is all about

I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned and continue to learn about investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies. What’s even more exciting, to me at least, is that I’ll be sharing my explorations and insights from the world of alternative investments in as close to real time as possible. I’ll nerd out and learn from the best, put the theory and advice into practice, undoubtedly stumble and mess up along the way, and let you learn from everything I do!